Unnikrishnan Nambiar, CEO of Fyve Elements LLC

"I am Unnikrishnan Nambiar, CEO of Fyve Elements LLC, a US subsidiary of India’s largest Organic brand 24 mantra. We have offices in Maryland and Illinois. Having worked with Samy for the last 6 years, I can say that his firm Samy CPA LLC have done an outstanding job. He is very responsive and easily accessible.

His firm provides accurate financial statements, Audit reports and are involved in inventory valuation and timely filing of tax returns for our business. He takes time to go through all aspects of our company’s taxes and financial planning to help us to make appropriate decisions. He also coordinates with our parent company’s auditors to finalize consolidated audit reports. 

Samy is a professional and knowledgeable, while always patient with all my questions. He makes me feel very comfortable and at ease with any concerns that I may have. I would recommend his services to anyone."


Maureen Faletti, Finance Manager, Freehold Child Diagnostic Center, Inc NJ

"After many years of seeking advise of my past accountant for my personal and business finances only to find that I had been wrongly advised and found both my business and personal finances were in complete shambles. My previous accountant had been submitting the wrong forms for my business, had advised to change all employees from W-2's to 1099's due to the structure of my business and misguided me to withdraw money from 401k to pay for my son's wedding. Years of poor guidance I found myself being audited by the Department of Labor and the IRS, owing tens of thousands of dollars for my business and personal finances. It is every person’s financial nightmare not only being audited by the Department of Labor but the Internal Revenue Service as well. I didn't know how I was going to manage this mess and somehow make sense of it all, as nothing was done correctly and it was needing to put a puzzle together of many years with missing pieces.

I was able to find Samy ,CPA through a mutual friend and after trying to explain that I was currently facing tens of thousands of dollars owed to IRS and Dept of Labor, Samy ,CPA agreed to become my accountant and help both my business and personal situations. This required many meetings, researching all of the tax files, past mistakes and loop holes, many many telephone calls with the IRS and department of labor and much more beyond my knowledge.

Samy always maintained a professional demeanor, was quick to return telephone calls if I needed a question answered. He was able to clarify many mistakes that were made and explained everything to me in a way that I could understand. I had many sleepless nights of not knowing where my personal and business finances were going and Samy always confidently reassured that he would take care of everything and be sure I was going to be in a better place soon enough.

After many months of cleaning up the mess that had been left behind after years of misreporting to the IRS and department of Labor Samy was able to save me thousands of dollars on taxes owed and worked out reasonable payment plans that allowed me to move forward financially without crippling my finances.

The appreciation I have for the extensive hours, hard work, dedication, professional and flawless job that Samy displayed cannot be put into words of tremendous help he has been to me. Maureen Faletti, Finance Manager, Freehold Child Diagnostic Center, Inc NJ"

Rashid Ali Khan, Partner in Jersey Dental Group of Companies , NJ

"Samy has been a great CPA for our group practices. He does our bookkeeping, Financial reporting, Tax planning and tax returns for eleven of our group companies. He has consistently delivered all what is required in a timely manner. He has been a true professional. Samy provides advice on cost savings, tax planning and overall growth of our practices. We thank Samy for his services provided to our companies. Thank you!"


Kannan Edison, NJ

"I would like to extend my Thank You for your wonderful work you are doing as part of my Annual Tax filing and keeping all my Financial Documents intact.

Your experience and exposure for the new Tax terms - phenomenal and you are always staying top of all current changes/trends in CPA field. This helps the customers like me to live our life without worrying about any new laws which could impact individuals like me - Thanks for doing all these things.

When I approached for any questions related to my Tax Returns, you are always happily answered and also in some cases you have taken Extra time time explain in detail. I am happy for introducing you to my community residents (Park Gate in North Edison) - I m hearing very good feedback about your services you are doing for them.

Once again Thank you for all your hard work you are putting together to keep the customers happy."